Certificates Include:
  • All information required by Texas Property Code 209
  • All governing documents
  • HOA financial information
  • HOA insurance information
  • Other information relevant to the Lot the Certificate is ordered for
The Resale Certificate Fee is $285.00.  Turnaround is approximately 1-week.  $50.00 is added for 24-hour (or less) Expedited Service.
As a courtesy to our homeowners, the Resale Certificate fee will be accepted at closing, so as not to delay the underwriting process. 
RESALE CERTIFICATES - Provided by Colby Property Management








Statements of Account


By Email
  • Lot Address
  • Estimated Closing Date
  • Normal or Expedited Certificate
By Email
  • Lot Address
  • No Fee Charged for Statements of Account
By Website - Title Company's
  • Login Required - Email request to Resale@ColbyManagement.com
  • Follow Resale Request status online
  • Receive notice when Certificate is ready

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