Frequently asked questions


Amenities.  When will our community get promised amenities?

The Bella Charca HOA has delivered on all community amenities promises. The developer completed all project amenities as each phase developed. Aggressive sellers, builders, or realtors may have speculated on future amenites with no official commitments. The HOA (nor Developer) has never promised a Swimming Pool, Community Center, Playground, Basketball Court, or other such features. The HOA maintains Bella Charca amenities including: parks and greenspace, postal centers, flags and entrance features, and entrance gate and closed circuit video cameras,

Mail: Why aren't there postal centers in new phases of Bella Charca?

Curbside Mailboxes... are allowed in Phase IV, of Bella Charca because, at the time those streets were developed, local postal regulations required them. Cluster Mailboxes... are the required mail delivery method throughout most of Bella Charca. Mail delivery is regulated by U.S. Postal Service and regulations change from time-to-time. Cost Containment. With constantly increasing development costs (materials, manpower, and regulatory), postal centers, such as was constructed in Phases I and II, were discontinued to hold down cost of lots and homes.

Parks: When will Bella Charca get additional green space?

When the Bella Charca development is complete, approximately 40 acres will have been donated to the HOA by the Developer, representing more than 10% of the land. Additional green space is dedicated to the HOA, as future phases develop. When Phase V developed, nearly 9 acres of park land was given to the HOA. Known as "Central Park", it is open to all Bella Charca residents. Since receiving the land, the HOA added a bus stop and concrete walking/jogging trail through the park. Future trail expansion is planned for the trail to completely circle the park. The developer contributed an additional 2.1 acres of greenspace along Bella Vita Drive, during Phase VI development. 4.309 parkland acres along Nolan Creek, were contributed during Phase VIII development. Phase IX includes 11.2 acres that doubles as beautiful greenspace and stormwater detention as the extension of Bella Vita Drive cuts through the middle.

Internet & Cable Service:  Why aren't there more options, and why does it take so long for new phases to be served?

Since the legislature removed the requirement for Cable companies to negotiate franchise agreements with municipalities, they have become very independent. Installation time lag is a statewide problem and some cable companies have left our market.

Trash Pickup: Can we have twice weekly in lieu of weekly trash pickup?

Trash pickup is arranged by the City of Nolanville and billed through WCID #3 (water bill). Service questions should be directed to the City.

Brush & Bulk Trash Disposal: How are tree limbs, leaves, and bulky trash picked-up?

Brush pickup is by request to the City (no fee). Bulky trash pickup, such as old washers and dryers, is by request to the disposal company (fee charged). Disposal Info

Gate & Streets

Gate:  Why is the Entrance Gate sometimes not operational?

Most gate breakdowns result from motorist gate-strikes. Members, entering or departing Bella Charca, are encouraged to pass through the gate slowly, without stopping. It is against HOA policy to block access by a following vehicle. Doing this has contributed to numerous gate-strikes and gate downtime and cost. Link to Gate Rules and Policy

Gate: Why is the Gate open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., especially during winter months when it is dark by 6:00 p.m.?

Hours have been the same since the gate was installed. Shorter hours would restrict numerous resources access, including UPS, FedEx, newspapers, home sales (existing and new), and realtors. Emergency responders have 24/7 access with remote transmitters.

Gate: Why can't the gate be closed 24/7?

In Texas, when subdivision gates are closed 24-hours a day, the subdivision property owners must be responsible for street maintenance. To do this, HOA dues would have to increase substantially.

Streets:  Who is responsible for repairing our streets?  There are areas needing repair.

Bella Charca streets are public streets. They were constructed by the Developer and dedicated to the City. As such, the City is responsible for repairs. Residents are encouraged to report issues to the City. Owners’ property taxes are a City of Nolanville source of revenue to pay for street repairs.

Streets:  What does the HOA do about speeding on our streets?

Speeding is a matter for the authorities and should be reported to the Nolanville Police Department. The HOA has no authority or capacity to deal with speeders, however if residents feel the authorities are not patrolling adequately or seem unresponsive, the HOA, will consider making a request to the City.

HOA Business

HOA Dues:  What is the money used for?

HOA dues are used to pay for common areas maintenance and improvements, utilities, insurance, repairs, and management, including accounting and tax services.

HOA Meeting Notice:  How are members notified of board and membership meetings?

Meeting notice requirements are detailed in the HOA Policy Manual (Website "Documents" Page). The primary board meeting notice method is by posting on the HOA website. Notice of membership meetings is mailed, both USPS and Email, posted on the HOA website, and signs posted at the entrance.

Fines, Fees & Interest:  What is the HOA authorized to charge?

Fines and fees are assessed solely to provide incentive to pay dues and other assessments timely, and to comply with covenants and HOA policy. A schedule of authorized charges is included in the "Policy Manual" on the website "Documents" page.

Official Records:  How do we get HOA meeting minutes and financial information?

Meeting minutes, financial reports and annual budgets are posted on the “HOA Members” page of the HOA website.

Meetings: When are official HOA meetings held?

Annual Member Meetings: The annual membership meeting is held the 2nd Tuesday in February. Notice is posted on the website and mailed to each residents mailing address in advance of the meeting, as required by HOA Policy . Quarterly Board Meetings: The next quarterly board meeting is set during the most recent meeting. Notice is posted on the website in advance of the meeting.

Solicitors: What can be done about unwanted solicitors?

Uninvited solicitors and those without a city permit should be reported to the Nolanville Police Department. City ordinance stipulates that solicitors must have secured an appointment or have been invited to the premises by the owner or occupant and must have secured a city permit prior to the appointment.

HOA Dues: How much are annual dues and when do we pay?

Annual dues assessments and payment options are detailed on this website. To navigate to that page click this link... "Your HOA Account". The annual assessment amount, despite increased amenities and maintenance, have remained the same since the beginning. The HOA board of directors sets an annual budget and monitors expeses regularly. In fact, members, through "Your HOA Account" (from the "HOA Members" page) can review monthly HOA Financials.

Home Builders

Noise:  What can be done about irritating construction noise?

Construction noise can be irritating, but it generally moves along as new subdivision phases are developed. Residents are encouraged to be tolerant... the noise you hear is similar to noise others likely tolerated while your home was being constructed. Following inclement weather, contractors attempt to make up time by working longer hours.

Noise:  What hours are construction workers allowed to work?

Normal hours are:

  • Mon - Fri: 7:00 a.m. - Sundown
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Exceptions are made when justified by severe weather, extended periods of inclement weather, proximity to occupied dwellings, early morning concrete pours during summer months, and other justifiable urgency. Interior work that does not produce excessive noise is permitted outside normal hours.

Trash:  Are Bella Charca contractors required to manage their trash?

Home Builders are required by contract, to manage their construction trash and debris. However, as with other violations, trash is challenging to manage, because of the subcontractor system of construction. Residents are encouraged to report blowing or draining trash to the HOA with specific addresses and description (photos help) of the violation.

Restrictive Covenants

Builder Violations:  Builders continually violate covenants.  Why isn’t anything done?

The homebuilding subcontractor system is a big part of the problem. Subs are often onsite only a short while, many times with workers who have no knowledge of covenants or do not care. The chronic shortage of workers compounds the problem with continual workers replacement. In an effort to “get builders attention”, HOA fines have been levied and liens place on properties.

Basketball Goals:  Why the restriction on goals?

Basketball goals, as well as swings and other playground equipment, have been restricted since the very beginning. The restriction is to avoid neighborhood clutter that can come from uncontrolled placement of play equipment.

Boats & Trailers:  What are the rules?

Boats, trailers, motor homes, and commercial vehicles may not be parked on the street or a lot for extended periods during the day or night. Violation reports to the Manager must include vehicle license number and, if possible, photograph showing date & time.

Pets:  What kind and how many are allowed?

No more than 4 pets per property are allowed and exotic or dangerous animals are absolutely forbidden. Pet restrictions are detailed in the "Restrictive Covenants" posted on the website "Documents" Page. Covenants vary slightly, from subdivision phase to phase. To locate the phase in which your home is located, refer to the "Phase Map", posted on the "Documents" page of the website.

Resident Violations:  No one seems to be doing anything about covenant violations.  Why?

The Manager's office conducts drive-through inspections every three weeks. Violations that occur during evening hours are difficult to document. The HOA also allows members to report violations. Once received, the alleged violation is confirmed and the owner involved notified with a time allowance for correction before fines are levied. The process can be lengthy, especially when absentee owners are involved. When a violation is repeated it can appear to be a violation that has not been addressed.

Remodeling & Add-On:  Do additions, pools, fences, etc., require ARC review?

Yes – To comply with covenants, Plans and “Plans Review Application” forms must be submitted. Forms may be downloaded from the “Documents” page of the website.

Noisy Neighbors:  What can the HOA do?

When properly notified with specifics, including address, the HOA will request the owner to "hold it down" and to respect others right to peace and quiet. As a practical matter, noisy neighbors are difficult for the HOA to manage. When excessive, or the HOA's efforts are unsuccessful, the matter should be reported to the Nolanville Police Department.

Fences: Are fences required, must they be stained?

Wooden screening fences are required for every lot. The requirements, including wood type, construction, location of fence pickets and staining is set forth in the "Restrictive Covenants". The Covenants, for your phase of Bella Charca, are posted on the website "Documents" page. To determine which phase your home is located in, consult the Phase Map, also posted on the "Documents" page. Fences facing streets must be stained with a solid stain the color stipulated by the ARC. Wrought iron or wrought iron appearing aluminum fencing is acceptable for rear yards facing green space, parks, or property adjacent to Bella Charca. Chain-link type fencing may be used, only when inside wooden fenced areas and not visible from a street or other property. Such fences are usually for a dog or pet "run".

Fences: When must they be installed?

Yard fence construction must be completed upon completion of dwelling construction or initial occupancy. As with landscaping, allowance is given when dwelling completion occurs during an extended period of inclement weather.

Covenants sometimes vary by phase... How do I know which phase I'm in?

A Phase Map is accessible from the "Documents" page. You can also link to it HERE.